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- I met Roger Waters in Quebec City on October 6th 2017. He signed my portrait. 

- Paul McCartney invited me up on stage and signed my drawing, on July 26th 2011 in Montreal. 

- Winner in the category ''Young Artist''   May 29th 2015

- I met Xavier Dolan and Anne Dorval in Quebec City on September 18th 2014. They both autographed my portraits. 

- I met The Raveonettes on July 7th 2013 in Quebec City. They invited me backstage and signed my portrait of them.

- One of my drawings is in Joey Ramone's apartment. I gave the drawing to his brother, Mickey in 2011. It's a portrait of him and Joey.

- I met Susan Sarandon, outside the Barrymore Theatre in New York City, after the play ''Exit the King'', April 2009. She autographed my portrait.

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